She Swings, She Scores! Program Debuts in Cobourg

Cobourg, ON – The Golf Association of Ontario’s She Swings, She Scores! program made its debut on the weekend at the West Northumberland Winter Classic hockey tournament in Cobourg, with female hockey players introduced to the game of golf by PGA of Canada professionals.


Funded by Golf Canada’s Women’s Fund Player Development Grant, She Swings, She Scores! is set to expose the game of golf to over 1500 girls that are already active in girls’ hockey in Ontario. By targeting girls that are already part of a hockey team, the program is designed to allow those girls to transition as a group from hockey into a CN Future Links Girls Club program over the summer months.


“On behalf of Golf Canada’s Women’s Fund Committee we are extremely excited to be able to support this very innovative and creative initiative that the GAO is embarking on,” said Jeff Thompson, Chief Sport Development Officer with Golf Canada.


“Partnering with ‘like sports’ such as hockey that involve agility, balance and striking skills seems like a great marriage for our sport.  An initiative such as this that targets a group of very active young girls has a great deal of potential and we look forward to seeing the results.”


Hockey tournament participants are welcomed to hit balls into the GAO’s Boom Room inflatable hitting net with instruction from PGA of Canada professionals at the rink during down time throughout the competition, while coaches and managers are educated by GAO staff on how to get their team involved with golf during the summer months.


Also on board to promote the program is Sami Jo Small, three-time Olympian and five time world champion as part of Canada’s national women’s hockey team. Small was introduced to the game of golf in recent years by family members, and acknowledges that the game has opened many doors for her from a networking standpoint in her new role as a professional speaker.


“Golf is a sport that keeps you active in the off-season and can help make you a well-rounded athlete, and I only wish that I’d started golfing earlier in my career,” said Small.


GAO Managing Director of Sport Development Mike Kelly is excited about the potential that the program holds for increasing girls’ participation in golf.


“The Golf Association of Ontario is excited to partner with Golf Canada to promote golf to girls that are active in girls’ hockey leagues across Ontario,” he said.


“It presents an excellent opportunity to connect with over 1500 girls already actively engaged in sport and show them what opportunities are available in golf during their hockey off-season.”


The program will next appear at the Brantford Walter Gretzky Tournament on February 21-24 and at the Brampton Canadettes Easter Tournament March 29-31.