Team Ontario Wins 2013 Ontario-Michigan Senior Matches

Port Stanley, ON – The Golf Association of Ontario’s top senior men topped the Golf Association of Michigan 7-5 to capture the 2013 GAM/GAO Ontario-Michigan Senior Matches at Redtail Golf Club in Port Stanley, Ontario.

Established in 2011, the annual competition sees the top eight senior men from Ontario take on the top eight senior men from Michigan. Team Ontario now has a 2-1 record after capturing the 2012 and 2013 titles while Michigan won the inaugural match in 2011.

Each squad won four singles matches on Friday, with Ontario’s 3-1 advantage during Thursday’s best-ball matches making the difference.

 Match results:

Thursday, May 23: Best-Ball

Zylstra/Emsley (GAM) def. Sagi/Hamilton (GAO), 4 & 3

Hodgins/Kertsos (GAO) def. Stauffer/Mann (GAM), 5 & 3

Cayley/Dodds-Hebron (GAO) def. Harris/Longeway (GAM), 4 & 2

Billyard/Sye (GAO) def. Reynolds/Fedewa (GAM), 3 & 2

Day One Total: GAO 3, GAM 1

Friday, May 24: Singles

Jim Sagi (GAO) def. Mark Mann (GAM), 2 & 1

Stu Hamilton (GAO) def. Dan Longeway (GAM), 3 & 2

Chris Kertsos (GAO) def. Ray Emsley (GAM), 1 up

Tom Stauffer (GAM) def. Tom Hodgins (GAO), 1 up

Rick Dodds-Hebron (GAO) def. MikeFedewa (GAM), 1 up

Bill Zylstra (GAM) def. Alasdair Cayley (GAO), 7 & 6

Ian Harris (GAM) def. Sandy Billyard (GAO), 2 up

Greg Reynolds (GAM) def. Warren Sye (GAO), 1 up

Day Two Total: GAO 4, GAM 4

 Final Score: GAO 7, GAM 5