Golf Ontario tournament registration opens Jan 31st

Golf Ontario is excited to announce that tournament registration will open January 31st @ 9:00am for its Championships and Qualifiers.

Looking ahead to the 2019 season, there will be several key changes:

  • Revised tournament entry procedures for Junior Girls & Women’s Championships
  • We will be requiring at least one parent/guardian per athlete to have completed the Respect in Sport – Parent Program prior to any Junior Golf Ontario “Championship”.
  • Updated Exemption pages across all Golf Ontario Championships
  • Updated listings and point allocations towards the 2019 Golf Ontario Order of Merit

To view the updated 2019 schedule please click here.

Before registering, golfers should have the following information on hand:

  • BlueGolf ID & Password
    • Players new to Golf Ontario events will need to create a BlueGolf ID & Password through the Tournament Player Login page in order to sign up for tournaments. Players who have previously played in Golf Ontario events can retrieve their info by going to the Tournament Player Login page and selecting “forgotten password”.

Upon completion, your ID and password will be emailed to you.

  • Golf Ontario Membership
    • Club members will need to ensure that their membership is active at the club.
    • Golf Ontario Public Players will require a current Gold Membership at the time of registration. To check the membership expiry date, please login to the Golf Canada Scoring Centre and select “At-a-Glance” from the menu.
  • Golf Canada Card #
    • Golf Canada Card # can be found by logging into the Golf Canada Score Centre, the 10-digit number will located top right beside the players name.

Golf Ontario Order of Merit

2019 Golf Ontario Order of Merit is now live.  Please visit here to see up to date results and lists of 2019 counting events and point allocation.

A few notable changes; Amateur through Senior categories will now run Nov 1st – Oct 31st in order to capture the full USGA schedule in one year (Junior divisions will remain the same, Sept 1st– Aug 31st). Golfers who are exempt from championships will now receive the first point value of the respective qualifying event.  Each Order of Merit will capture top 8 events, please see each division for max events of each category.

Any questions/concerns regarding order of merit should be directed to Jessie Mercer,

If you require more information regarding tournaments, please contact John Lawrence at or Rob Watson at