Get to Know Golf Ontario




Golf is and will always be the most popular sport in Ontario


To provide leadership and support for all Ontarians to enjoy golf as a lifelong sport


  1. Transform our relationship with golfers in Ontario
  2. Build communities of golf across Ontario
  3. Provide leading high performance junior player development programs
  4. Support the development of golf with a diversified revenue generation strategy
  5. Transform the organization to deliver on the new plan and meet its mission


The Golf Ontario (formerly the Golf Association of Ontario) as it is currently structured came into being in November of 2001, following the amalgamation of the Ontario Golf Association and the Ontario Ladies Golf Association. Prior to the amalgamation, the OGA and the OLGA had represented amateur golfers in Ontario for close to 80 years and had done an excellent job of building and promoting the game.

At the time of the amalgamation only Ontario, Alberta and Saskatchewan had taken the step towards amalgamation. Since that time, all of the Provincial Golf Associations have amalgamated and in 2005 the Royal Canadian Golf Association and the Canadian Ladies Golf Association completed the process.

In the early days of Golf Associations in Ontario, there were small associations, representing Private Clubs in the Toronto area and providing a service that was specific to golf championships. Over our history, the association has grown to the point where today our Club Members include Private Clubs, Semi Private Clubs and Public Golf Clubs. The majority of our individual members are at the Private and Semi Private Clubs, but the association also offers opportunities for individuals to join directly as members of a Public Player Program. At the present time, Golf Ontario represents over 420 Member Clubs and over 115,000 individuals making it one of the largest Amateur Golf Associations in the world.