Board of Directors

Board of Directors

From left to right: John Gallinger - Past President (Meadowbrook Golf & Country Club), Jay Aspin (GO Public Player Program), Susan Vail - Vice President (Dunnville Golf Club), Howard Atkinson - President (Goodwood Golf Club), Barbara Beaudoin (Hamilton Golf & Country Club), Murray Blair (Granite Golf Club)

Not Present: Sheldon Chychrun (Beacon Hall Golf Club), Tony Dunn (The Marshes), Leslie Ferrari (Ladies Golf Club of Toronto), Mark Hayes (Rattlesnake Point), Don McKay (Muskoka Highlands Golf Links)


2019 Committees Of The Board


Governance Committee:

Chair – Susan Vail, Barbara Beaudoin, Anthony Dunn, Leslie Ferrari, Mark Hayes, Howard Atkinson*

Finance and Risk Management Committee:

Chair – Donald MacKay, Jay Aspin, Sheldon Chychrun, Jim Bristow, Tom Forestell, Howard Atkinson*

Human Resources and Compensation Committee:

Chair – Howard Atkinson, Jay Aspin, Murray Blair, Leslie Ferrari, Mark Hayes

Nominating Committee:

Chair – John Gallinger, Sheldon Chychrun, Anthony Dunn, Susan Vail, Howard Atkinson*

* President is an ex officio member