Ralph Reville – Class of 2001

rrevilleBorn: 1867 in Witney, England
Died: 1957 in Brantford, Ontario

  • Made his career as a Publisher
  • Emigrated to Canada in 1887 and settled in Brantford
  • Mr. Reville and his brother worked for his uncle, Thomas Lemmon, who owned The Courier in Brantford. He eventually became part-owner (with his brother), Editor, and Publisher. He sold his interests in The Courier in 1913.
  • Mr. Reville was the Founder, Publisher, Contributing and Managing Editor of Canada's first golf periodical, The Canadian Golfer.
  • The Canadian Golfer was recognized internationally as the best golf journal in the world. The magazine survived from 1915-33.
  • Helped found the Canadians Senior's Golf Association in 1918.
  • Served as Honourary Secretary of the first Rules of Golf Committee of the Royal Canadian Golf Association (1916-21)
  • Honourary Secretary, CSGA (1918-26)
  • Governor, CSGA (1918-57)
  • Inducted into the Canadian Golf Hall of Fame in 1986