Course Measurement

Golf course length has the most impact on Course and Slope Rating.  As such, it is important to have accurate yardage measurements for each member club.  Using a Global Positioning System (GPS), we provide the most accurate measurements by following the procedure set out in Section 12 and Section 15 of the Golf Canada Handicap Manual.  These measurements are taken from each tee deck to the middle of the green, taking into consideration all doglegs (pivot points) and the number of tees at each tee deck.

Once the measurements have been taken and calculated, each club will receive an official measurement certificate that shows all measurements for each set of tees.  Clubs are encouraged to have their scorecards reflect the yardages as measured by Golf Ontario as they used to determine Course and Slope Rating.

The measurement service is provided by the Handicapping & Course Rating Department to all member clubs as part of their membership fees.  Other services that are available for an additional fee include:

  • Sprinkler Head Measuring
  • Golf Ontario permanent yardage markers
  • Green area calculation
  • Yardage Books

Please contact for more information about these services.