About Handicapping

In 1994, Golf Ontario became the driving force on the ‘information fairway’ for golfers in Ontario with the introduction of the Ontario Golf Information Network (OGIN). A first for Canada, this ambitious project involved the development, education, and implementation of a computer based networked handicap system for Golf Ontario members. Since the introduction of the System, more than 300 clubs are participating in Ontario, including 90,000+ individual members who post over 1.3 million rounds to track a Handicap Factor in Ontario. The System is part of a National Handicap Network, posting scores and tracking Handicaps has never been easier.

Much has been written about the Slope System in an attempt to demystify and simplify this objective method of handicapping. The Slope system allows a player’s course handicap to be adjusted to the course and tees being played (for relative difficulty). This is accomplished by converting a player’s Handicap Factor to a course handicap specific to the course and tee to be played. The Slope of each tee/course is designed to bring greater parity when you play at other courses, or when guests play your course.

Increased Integrity in Handicapping

Handicapping is at the very core of equitable competition in amateur golf and few sports enable players to compete as equitably as golf. Handicapping is one of the Golf Ontario's principal member services since the inception of our association back in 1923. All golfers who belong to the Golf Ontario/Golf Canada through one of our member clubs or Public Player Program are eligible to receive an "Official" Handicap Factor.

PLEASE NOTE: The Handicap season for posting scores from Ontario golf courses is April 15 to October 31. All games played outside the Active Handicap season in Ontario should not be posted for your Handicap. You may post scores if you played at a course during an Active Handicap Season (I.E. Florida/Arizona in December). For more information consult the Handicap System Manual