Establish a Handicap

Establishing a Handicap


Handicap Index: The measure of a player’s demonstrated ability calculated against the Slope Rating of a golf course of standard playing difficulty


How many scores do you need to establish a Handicap?

  • Minimum Numbers of scores to get a Handicap is 54 holes made up of any combination of 9- or 18-hole rounds.
  • No time limit on completing the submission of these scores.
  • Strong recommendation that initial scores are submitted hole-by-hole to better assess the potential of the player.

For less than 20 scores,

For more than 20 scores,

An Average the lowest 8 of the most recent 20 score differentials, rounded to the nearest tenth.


Adjusted Gross Score

A player’s gross score, including any penalty strokes, adjusted for when:

  • The player exceeds their maximum hole score,
  • A hole is not played, or
  • A hole is started but the player does not hole out.


Course Handicap

The number of handicap strokes a player receives, before handicap allowances, from a specific set of tees as determined by the Slope Rating and the difference between Course Rating and par.

Score Differential

The difference between a player’s adjusted gross score and the Course Rating, reflecting the Slope Rating and the playing conditions calculation. It is the numerical value attributed to a score achieved on a golf course on a specific day that is posted into the player’s scoring record. A Score Differential must be an 18-hole value or its calculated equivalent.


Playing Handicap

The Course Handicap adjusted for any handicap allowances or Terms of the Competition. It represents the actual number of strokes the player gives or receives for the round being played.


Net Double Bogey

A score equal to the par of a hole plus two strokes and adjusted for any handicap strokes applied on that hole. A net double bogey is a player’s maximum hole score for handicap.



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