Handicap Certification/Training

We would like to introduce you to our schedule of Handicap Seminars for the 2020 season. As you may already know from prior correspondence, Golf Canada is requiring member clubs to certify at least one Handicap Official, and have a Handicap Committee in place. We are hosting several Handicap Certification seminars this season in order to continue our education drive and to help member clubs, members, and general public achieve certification. These seminars are a more in-depth look into Handicapping and Course Rating and will give attendees a thorough knowledge of the Golf Canada Handicap and Course Rating system.


The Handicap Seminars are beneficial for

  • Club Members,
  • Handicap Committee members,
  • Golf Professionals,
  • Superintendents,
  • General Managers


Area clubs will receive notice via email closer to the seminar dates.  Copies of the registration form and additional information are available at the link below.  Please pass this information on to all members who you think would be interested in attending.


To attend one of the Handicap Seminars, please return a completed registration form (found at the link below) to the Golf Ontario office prior to the respective deadline date.


For more information on the World Handicap System click here


Due to Coronavirus (COVID-19), all WHS seminars will now be conducted online



Webinar #6

Tuesday 23rd November 2021

6:30pm- 8:30pm

Webinar #7

Thursday 20th January 2022

6:30pm- 8:30pm


You may conveniently register online for any of the venues using the following links:

Online Registration or Download the 2021 Handicap Seminar Schedule Registration Form



Handicap Chairperson and Committee Responsibilities

As part of the Handicap License Agreement, Golf Canada requires that every club have a Handicap Committee in place, and that one person (ideally the Chairperson of the Committee) has successfully completed a Handicapping certification seminar.

Participation in the Handicapping Seminar ensures that the individual is educated about the Handicap System and can oversee and implement policies at their home club.  Once an individual has successfully completed the seminar their certification is valid for 4 years (with the individual and club), after which they must re-certify.