Junior Golf Pathway Review

Ontario Junior Golf Pathway – Competitive Stream


Over the past twelve months, we have been working alongside a number of key junior golf leaders including coaches, tournament/tour coordinators and facility operators on the development of an aligned and modernized Ontario Junior Golf Pathway for a competitive junior golfer.

Download the Junior Golf Pathway Chart Here 


The project began in April of 2019 with a comprehensive, independent review of the Junior Golf Pathway in Ontario by Sport Performance Management led by Dr. Peter Davis.  This review included; the development and circulation of a Junior Golf online questionnaire to solicit feedback from all stakeholders within Ontario; direct interviews with key stakeholders closely tied to junior golf in Ontario; and finally 2 workshops involving an alliance of junior golf leaders from all relevant areas of the Ontario golf community.


Based on the results of the review, an initial draft of the Junior Golf Pathway structure (Appendix A) was created, which includes the benchmarks in the following areas:


  1. Athlete Development
  2. Training Environment
  3. Talent Identification
  4. Competitions


Collectively the Junior Golf Pathway will be a major step forward in pursuing the following vision and mission:


VISION: The SOURCE for competitive junior golf in Ontario


MISSION: Ensuring competitive junior golfers stay on course to reach their highest potential


Given the scope of this initiative, we want everyone involved in the junior golf community to have a chance to give us their feedback. As such we encourage you to complete the Ontario Junior Golf Pathway review survey below.



Following the completion of the survey, all of the feedback will be reviewed and consideration taken into the final pathway structure.