Conditions & Responsibilities of Membership


2018 Membership Declaration Renewal Form


  • Member Clubs shall not assign or sell membership cards to non-members; penalties will be applied to Clubs who do not adhere to Golf Ontario policies.
  • Member Clubs are encouraged to periodically host events conducted by Golf Ontario. This support helps the development of amateur golf and strengthens golf in Ontario. Compensation is provided to host facilities.
  • Member Clubs are to inform the Association of any changes at the Club throughout the year and re-apply for a change of membership status if/when necessary.
  • Member Clubs are required to provide the Association a complete listing of members including contact information.
  • Member Clubs will submit a signed Handicap License Agreement that acknowledges that your club complies with the requirements of the Golf Canada Score Centre.
  • Member Clubs must conform to the National and Provincial by-laws of Golf Canada and Golf Ontario.
  • In addition to these stated terms and conditions, Golf Ontario may specify other terms and conditions which will be contained in subsequent correspondence from Golf Ontario. The applicant/club will be asked to agree to those terms and conditions by signing and returning that correspondence to Golf Ontario.  Once the applicant/club signs that correspondence and returns it to Golf Ontario, the terms and conditions contained in that correspondence will form part of the applicant/club’s agreement with Golf Ontario.  Services will not be available to the applicant/club until the applicant/club signs and submits to Golf Ontario both the application and any subsequent correspondence containing any additional terms and conditions.


Payment Policy

  • Payment of dues implies agreement with all membership terms.
  • Member Clubs will be invoiced for the current year based on current membership information.
  • ***NOTE: Failure to receive payment by the deadline will result in the suspension of the member services including golfer access to the Score Centre (handicap system). A Member Club who has not paid its annual dues by June 1 will be deemed  a non-member and will no longer receive Golf Ontario services until payment is received in full. Membership in Golf Ontario for the following year will require payment of the outstanding invoice from the previous year.
  • Actual membership numbers will continue to be monitored throughout the season until August 31. Membership reconciliation takes place mid to late summer and club will be invoiced accordingly.
  • Clubs using the Score Centre handicap service: We understand that it is our responsibility to ensure that our club’s member names which appear in the handicap system are complete and accurate.
  • Interest charges at 15% per annum will be charged on fees outstanding after May 31.
  • Golf Ontario / Golf Canada Member golf clubs in good standing are permitted to use the Golf Canada Handicap System and Golf Canada Course Rating System and related trademarks and service marks. Upon leaving membership, the club is forfeiting use of any course and slope rating data provided during their membership and their members no longer have access to an official handicap. These trademarks include: the GOLF CANADA HANDICAP SYSTEM; the proprietary mathematical handicap formula; and, iii) the trademarks “RCGA”, “GOLF CANADA”, “GOLF CANADA HANDICAP SYSTEM”, “GOLF CANADA HANDICAP FACTOR”, “GOLF CANADA HANDICAP”,  “HANDICAP FACTOR”, “HANDICAP”, “FACTOR”, “HANDICAP SYSTEM”, “SLOPE”, “SLOPE SYSTEM”, “SLOPE RATING”, “HANDICAP DIFFERENTIAL”, “COURSE RATING”, “SLOPE RATING”, “COURSE HANDICAP”, “HOME COURSE HANDICAP”, “BOGEY RATING”, “ESC”, “SHORT COURSE HANDICAP”, “SHORT COURSE RATING”, “COURSE RATING SYSTEM”, “GOLF CANADA SLOPE RATING”, “SLOPE SYSTEM”, “HANDICAP DIFFERENTIAL”, “GOLF CANADA COURSE RATING”, “GOLF CANADA COURSE RATING SYSTEM”, “GOLF CANADA CERTIFIED HANDICAP SOFTWARE”, “GOLF CANADA COURSE HANDICAP”, “SCORE CENTRE”, “GOLF CANADA SCORE CENTRE”. The use of the Course and Slope Rating provided to the club is limited to the term of membership only.


Good Standing. A Member will be in good standing provided that the Member:


  1. Has not ceased to be a Member;
  2. Has not been suspended or expelled from membership, or had other membership restrictions or sanctions imposed;
  3. Has completed and remitted all documents as required by the Association;
  4. Has complied with the By-laws, policies, and rules of the Association;
  5. Is not subject to a disciplinary investigation or action by the Association, or if subject to disciplinary action previously, has fulfilled all terms and conditions of such disciplinary action to the satisfaction of the Board; and
  6. Has paid all required membership fees.


For more information on becoming a member of Golf Ontario contact Alexandra Warrick