Handicap Policy

By joining the Golf Ontario Public Player Program you agree to abide by all the policies/rules outlined in the Golf Canada Handicap System Manual in maintaining a proper Golf Canada Handicap Factor. Failure to comply to these system policies permits Golf Ontario to impose the proper penalties / adjustments to the Golf Canada Handicap Factor of any individual associated with any breach in these Rules.

Examples of offences: Score and/or round manipulation; not posting your scores properly to your Handicap record (to artificially inflate your Handicap Factor or artificially keep your Handicap Factor low), not posting your scores at all, only posting/returning a few scores to your record or not trying your best during each round of golf to purposely inflate your round/score in order to influence your Golf Canada Handicap Factor.

Only rounds played on golf courses that are members in good standing of their Provincial or National Golf Associations may be posted for handicap purposes.

These offences may result in: Golf Canada Handicap Factor suspension, penalty scores being posted to your Handicap record (and identified as a "P" score in your record, indicating a penalty, and/or Golf Canada Handicap Factor adjustment. Golf Ontario shall be the final authority on the amount of the penalty, adjustment and duration. These penalties may have further impact on your (a Public Players) eligibility for golf tournament play (whether that event be local, regional, provincial, national or international).

For a list of potential penalties, please see Section 8 and 11 of the Golf Canada Handicap System Manual.