Ontario Junior Rankings



The new Golf Ontario Junior Rankings feature several significant changes from previous years:

  • Inclusion of results from all partner Regional Junior Tours
  • Updated points allocation for Junior events meeting minimum standards
  • Updated placing allocation chart for different field sizes and competition types


Ontario Junior Rankings Overview

General Notes

  • The Golf Ontario Junior Ranking is structured with events that are categorized into point values ranging from 10,000 to 200 (based on first place point value) according to (but not limited to) the following factors: competition scope, length of event and relative strength of field. Point distribution for a given event will vary based on the total number of players in the field. Final field size is determined by the number of players in the field when the event commences.
  • For 2018, the Golf Ontario Junior Ranking will include eligible events that begin tournament play from September 1, 2016 to August 31, 2018 inclusive.
  • A player may play in as many events as they wish throughout the competitive season, but only the top 8 points scored events will count to the player’s overall 2018 Golf Ontario Junior Ranking standing.
  • A maximum of 3 AJGA events will be counted towards the 2018 Order of Merit Ranking. – AJGA Invitational events do not count towards the maximum number

All eligible events will be listed so as to inform players of which point category each event is assigned to. Final field size for an event is not determined until the event commences.

Points Allocation – Age Divisions

  • In events where separate recognized age divisions are contested, a player will receive points for the age division that they competed in. These same earned points will also be allocated to all younger age rankings that the player is age eligible for.
  • When multiple age categories are contested at a single event, points are allocated based on the following scale:

100% of the point allocation is awarded for players in the junior category
75% of the point allocation is awarded for players in the juvenile category
50% of the point allocation is awarded for players in the bantam category

* Field size rules are applied to the specific age division played in before points are allocated.
The tiered point values between the various age categories are implemented in order to give proper recognition to players that feel they have a better competitive experience by competing in a higher age division at a given event.