Junior Rankings FAQ

Is there a minimum field size required to score points?

No.  Currently our ranking system does not require an event to have a minimum number of participants in order to eligible for points. There are different scales of points based on field size.  These scales can be found in the Points Allocation Chart.

How will these changes impact selection of athletes to programs or events?

The changes made to the Golf Ontario Junior Rankings are expected to generate a more accurate reflection of player performance for a given season as compared to previous Order of Merit approaches.

As we see this improvement, more weighting will be put on using the rankings to identify players eligible for program and event opportunities.

How do points work when all players of various age divisions play in a single open Junior event (like Golf Ontario Junior Spring Classic qualifiers)?

When an event is competed and scored as a Junior only event, points will be awarded to all participants for the Junior Rankings only, based on the actual order of finish at the event.

Only events that are competed and scored in separate age divisions will have points awarded to a specific age division Ranking.

Are points awarded if a Junior player competes in an Amateur event?

Yes, any event that appears on the Junior Ranking Event List will be awarded points to the Amateur Order of Merit, and to all age division Junior Rankings the player is eligible for.

How are results being collected for non Golf Ontario events?

Golf Ontario will source results for all events listed on the Golf Ontario Junior Rankings list, however it is a good idea to forward results for US events (eg. AJGA) if you do not see your event appearing within 1 week of completion.   Please direct these emails to mhayward@gao.ca