Volunteer Roles


Tournament Official

Volunteers help administer over 100 Qualifiers and Championships each year. Tournament officials assist with registration, starting, scoring and pace of play timers.

Each tournament is adequately staffed with Certified Rules Referees experienced in officiating and extremely knowledgeable in the rules of golf. Tournament officials begin signing up for qualifiers and championships around the end of January. Wherever possible, officials will be assigned prior to the start of the season. In determining assignments, considerations are given to minimizing travel and associated costs, level of experience and assigning new officials with experienced officials to provide training.

Take a look at the Tournament Officials manual for a more in depth description of the roles and responsibilities.


Golf Ontario requires certified Referees to volunteer at Provincial qualifiers and championships and assist other organizations such as the Ontario PGA, Ontario Colleges and Universities. To be involved as a Referee at Provincial events one must have completed at minimum Level 2 of the 2019 Golf Canada rules of golf education program. In addition, Referees must have an excellent understanding of the Rules of Golf and have the ability to work as a team member while making decisions under pressure.

If you have not successfully completed one of the levels of rules training but wish to work towards becoming a Golf Ontario Rules Referee, please start your training by applying to become a Golf Ontario Tournament Volunteer. Active Golf Ontario volunteers are eligible to receive rules education subsidies.

For further information about Golf Canada’s rules of golf education program click here

For additional information on becoming a Rules Referee please contact John Lawrence at jlawrence@gao.ca.

Course Rating

All Clubs are rated upon joining Golf Ontario and periodically have their rating reviewed as the course ages or as design changes are made to the course. In any given year up to 70 courses may require a visit from a trained Course Rating Team. Course Raters must be flexible and organized – an affinity for math or statistics is a definite asset. There is a detailed training program for new and experienced raters that includes both in class and on course training. Team are located throughout the province and are under the direction of a Team Leader.

The opportunity for a volunteer to become a member of a course rating team depends upon the availability of a position on a team within the volunteer’s area. Course rating volunteers not placed immediately will be placed on the waiting list and encouraged to become involved in other areas where we are in need of volunteers.

For further information or discuss opportunities please contact Duncan Chau at dchau@gao.ca.