Team Niagara



First Last '16 Age Grad  Home Club City Personal Coach
Jordan Antonucci 15 2019 Winona
Mathew Gibson 16 2017 Twenty Valley G & CC Jordan
Jason Maloney 15 2018 Twenty Valley G & CC Beamsville John White
Zachary Smith 16 2018 Lookout Point GC Fonthill John White
Max Vahrmeyer 16 2018 Rockway Glen GC St. Catharines John White
Sasha Baker 14 2020 Dunnville GC Dunnville Deborah Lee Eldridge
Kira Petriello 16 2017 Beechwood G & CC Thorold John White
Taylor Simoneau 16 2017 St Catharines GC St. Catharines John White

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John White: Team Niagara Head Coach


Born and raised in the city of St. Catharines, John has been has been teaching and coaching golf since 1979. John lists the following individuals as major influences in his coaching career: John Irwin, Attila Becsy and George Knudson. John has continued passionately to pursue his knowledge in coaching and teaching this wonderful game reading in excess of 1000 books and attended numerous seminars. Highlights of John’s playing career include playing on the Canadian and Australian Tour. John is also the founder and tour director of the Niagara Junior Golf Tour for the past 23 years, 2004 Ontario Teacher of the Year for Juniors and 2006 City of St. Catharines Sportsperson of the Year.


Wayne Oliver: Strength and Conditioning Consultant


Wayne is a graduate of Massage Therapy (2012) and is attending the Canadian Academy of Osteopathy, which he has completed 2 years of the 4 year program. His current certifications include Can Fit Pro as a Personal Trainer Specialist, STOTT Pilates Level 1, STOTT Matt Pilates, STOTT Pilates Reformer, ISP Level 1 Trainer, Level 1 & 2 TWIST Conditioning Sports Specific Certification, and TRX (Training Resistance eXercises). Wayne is enthusiastic about health and fitness and is looking forward to working with the Team Niagara and helping them achieve their fitness and golfing goals.